Membership Information

If you are interested in becoming a FAPPO Member, have any questions regarding membership benefits, or need any assistance with managing/maintaining you/your agency's membership information, please contact Membership Chair - Jaime Locklear, MPA, NIGP-CPP, CPPO, CPPB, by email at [email protected] or by phone (904) 209-0158.

NEW MEMBERS Apply Online  **Please do NOT use this link to add members to your existing Agency membership**

FAPPO has six (6) types of membership that are available based on requirements established in the association by-laws. The six memberships are listed below:

  • Regular - An individual employed by a public agency or a quasi-governmental, non-profit agency located within the State of Florida, in a position where their primary responsibilities are specific to procurement or material management. Choose this category if your are personally paying the dues.

  • Agency - Membership for public or quasi-governmental entities consisting of more than one procurement or materials management individuals. Choose this category if your agency is paying the dues.
  • Transitional - An individual who's been a Regular or Agency member for a minimum of one (1) year, who is no longer employed by a public entity and is actively attempting to obtain re-employment at a public entity.

  • Retired - An individual who has retired from the public procurement field. 

  • Academia (Non-Voting) - An individual who provides their expert knowledge to FAPPO in the form of "academic activity", or is a full-time student.

  • Associate (Non-Voting) - Reserved for members of other public procurement associations, national boards, councils, and persons who are employees of a public agency, or quasi-governmental non-profit agency located within the United States or Canada, or individuals who hold a position where their primary responsibilities are specific to procurement or materials management oversight. 

Membership costs are tier-structured as shown below:

Tier # of Members Annual Fee
1 1-2 $120.00
2 3-6 $275.00
3 7-10 $450.00
4 11-20 $750.00
5 21-25 $1,000.00
6 26+ $2,000.00

The cost for Membership is as shown above unless provided in FAPPO's ByLaws.

Membership Benefits

By becoming a member of Florida Association of Public Procurement Officials, Inc., you will be making an investment in yourself and your professional future. Florida Association of Public Procurement Officials, Inc. belongs to its members and has something for everyone. Many disciplines are covered to include beginning buyers, experiences purchasing professionals, and other areas of expertise such as contractual administration, finance specialists and organizational support functions. 

Educational Seminars: Attendance at NIGP, NAPM/NPI educational and training seminars sponsored and subsidized by Florida Association of Public Procurement Officials, Inc. Florida Association of Public Procurement Officials, Inc. also sponsors seminars which are prepared and presented by its members. Those courses include implementation and pertinent Florida laws, and specific and/or general purchasing procedures, i.e. ethics, contract administration, specification writing, RFPs, etc.

Networking: Members of Florida Association of Public Procurement Officials, Inc. have the opportunity to network with colleagues around the State through workshops, meetings and the Florida Association of Public Procurement Officials, Inc. mailing list. Our "family" of members is one of the largest resources available to advise and assist in all phases of procurement.

Increased Professional Skills: Attendance at FAPPO functions acquiring broader knowledge on how purchasing techniques can be applied in solving day-to-day purchasing and management problems.

Meetings: Opportunity to attend state seminars, contract workshops, trade shows, and meetings in order to exchange ideas, hear important topics present by expert speakers, discuss ways to improve purchasing, conduct business meetings, hold informal discussions and enjoy social activities.

FAPPOConnect: Access to FAPPO's message board allowing for exchange of knowledge and expertise among members and enhancing members' ability to network with fellow public procurement professionals in Florida.

ListServe: Access to FAPPO's list serve email that provides availability to send questions or requests for information to the membership as a whole or to a specific group of members to receive answers directly to your email.

Certifications: Achieving professional certification as a Certified Professional Public Buyer (CPPB), Certified Public Public Purchasing Officer (CPPO), an NIGP Certified Procurement Professional (NIGP-CPP), or Certified Purchasing Manager (CPM). Seminars offering continuing purchasing courses which will help attain certification, are subsidized by Florida Association of Public Procurement Officials, Inc.

Other Benefits: Use of all privileges and services which are made available to Florida Association of Public Procurement Officials, Inc. members. Such services include job placement, technical assistance and advice, products research, surveys on purchasing practices and trends, seminars and workshops, and an annual conference and products exposition.

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