FAPPO Membership Structure

In order to be eligible for FAPPO Membership, you must meet the criteria of one of the following six categories of membership:

  • Regular - An individual employed by a public agency, or a quasi-governmental, non-profit agency located within the State of Florida, in a position where their primary responsibilities are specific to procurement or material management. This category is for those members who personally pay for their own membership.
  • Agency - Membership for public or quasi-governmental entities consisting of more than one procurement or materials management individuals. This category is for those members whose agency pays for their membership.
  • Transitional - An individual who's been a Regular or Agency member for a minimum of one (1) year, who is no longer employed by a public entity and is actively attempting to obtain re-employment at a public entity.
  • Retired - An individual who has retired from the public procurement field. 
  • Academia (Non-Voting) - An individual who provides their expert knowledge to FAPPO in the form of "academic activity", or is a full-time student.
  • Associate (Non-Voting) - Reserved for members of other public procurement associations, national boards, councils, and persons who are employees of a public agency, or quasi-governmental non-profit agency located within the United States or Canada, or individuals who hold a position where their primary responsibilities are specific to procurement or materials management oversight. 

Memberships are paid for upon registration, and on an annual basis, upon membership renewal. The costs of membership is based upon the following tier structure, unless otherwise provided in the Bylaws.  


# of Members

Annual Fee



















If you have questions about your eligibility for Membership, or how to register, contact FAPPO’s Membership Chair – Jaime Locklear, via email at [email protected] or by phone at (904) 209-0158.

Benefits of Membership

By becoming a member of Florida Association of Public Procurement Officials, Inc., (“FAPPO”) you will be making an investment in yourself and your professional future. FAPPO operates for the benefit of its members and has something for everyone. Many disciplines are covered to include beginning buyers, experiences purchasing professionals, and other areas of expertise such as contract administration, finance, and other organizational support functions. 

Educational Seminars:  FAPPO holds two (2) main educational events for its members each year. The Annual Conference is a three (3) day event packed with educational seminars and workshops from professionals throughout the state, notable Key Notes at the top of their field(s). The Fall Workshop is a one (1) day event packed with educational seminars and workshops. Both of these events provide contact hours which contribute to members’ certification and/or recertification with UPPCC, NIGP, NPI, and other organizations. In addition to its two main educational events, FAPPO also holds semi-regular workshops and webinars through it’s FAPPO CARES initiative.

Professional Networking: FAPPO promotes professional networking for all of its members through a variety of methods: at our main and additional educational events, members are encouraged to participate and discuss topics at hand, and other topics/issues of interest. Additionally, FAPPO provides additional methods, such as a listserv, message boards, and a Member Directory for members to utilize to pose questions and situations to other professionals for input, advice, assistance. Our network of members is one of the largest, and best resources available to advise and assist in all phases of procurement.

Increased Professional Skills: Members who attend FAPPO events and utilize the resources provided by FAPPO can attest to gaining expanded professional skills, capabilities, and increasing their professional network which allows for access to a multitude of professionals who are willing able to assist their professional colleagues.

Meetings: FAPPO holds quarterly meetings and an annual Business Meeting to discuss the associations business and administration. Attendance at these meetings provides members with exposure to contributing to the administration of a statewide association, which expands their professional skills and provides them with opportunities to serve their profession in a variety of ways through committee, chair and officer volunteer positions.

FAPPOConnect: Through the FAPPO website, members have access to FAPPOConnect, the message boards developed for the purpose of providing a place for members to pose topics, questions and requests for their fellow members to respond and provide guidance, documents, best practices, and other advice which can be referred back to by all members.

FAPPOListServe: FAPPO’s Listserv is accessible by all members and allows them to send a single email that goes to all FAPPO members who subscribe to pose questions and requests, to which subscribed FAPPO Members can respond with information, documents, and other helpful advice. This is a convenient service which members can access straight from their email account. To access the Listserv, simply send an email to [email protected].  **If you’re not sure you’re subscribed to send/receive emails to the ListServ, login to your FAPPO account, click on My Profile (under the big Welcome sign), hover over My Features (above blue ribbon) and select E-Lists. If you want to be subscribed, switch the button to Yes (it’ll turn green). If you’re not seeing these options, reach out to your Membership Chair.

Certifications: Through its educational events, its networking, and its other resources, FAPPO serves as a valuable tool for its members to achieve certification through UPPCC, NIGP, NPI, and other organizations, which facilitates professional advancement for its members.

Other Benefits: The benefits described above all contribute to the success of our members. Additional benefits include the Annual Trade Show, a Job Posting platform, and networking with other public procurement associations and organizations, all assist our members in the public procurement profession.

Maintaining Your Membership

For questions concerning eligibility for membership, registration as a new member, updating an old membership, removal or addition of members, etc., please contact Membership Chair – Jaime Locklear, via email at [email protected] or by phone at (904) 209-0158.

Looking to become a member of FAPPO?

Send your agency name, and the full name(s) and email addresses of all individuals with the agency who are seeking membership, via email, to the Membership Chair.

Want to remove members from you Agency?

If you have members who have left your agency, or you want to reduce the number of members included under your agency, the Key Contact can “Unlink” those members from your agency. Key Contact should also send an email to the Membership Chair, identifying the removed members.

Want to add members to your Agency?

If you have new members to add to your current membership, the Key Contact can Create Linked Profiles of those members to add them to the agency. This can only be done if the individuals do not currently have or have not previously had profiles in the system with their name or email address. If the additional members you wish to add increase your quantity of members beyond the current tier for which you are paid, please contact the Membership Chair for instructions.

Who is the Key Contact?

Each Agency has a Key Contact. This person has the capability to add/remove members from the Agency, can register all members under an Agency for FAPPO events, and can review/pay invoices for membership renewal. A Key Contact is identified at the setup of each Agency. The Key Contact can be changed to another member, by contacting the Membership Chair. It is highly recommended to limit the Key Contacts to one or two individuals for each Agency. For instructions on accomplishing any of these tasks, please contact the Membership Chair.

Agency Email Address – Each Agency is setup with an email address for contact. This email address is where the invoice for initial membership and membership renewals are sent. If the email address for the agency is different than the Key Contact, then the Key Contact will not receive the invoices, but can still access them through their login. 

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