Florida Association of Public Procurement Officials, Inc.

The Florida Association of Public Procurement Officials, Inc. ("FAPPO"), established in 1968, has been focused on and driven towards education, professional development, and agency collaboration and cooperation through networking. FAPPO strives to provide its members with opportunities to advance their public procurement expertise in order to convey current best practices, industry standards, and professional services to their agencies.

Our membership of around 1,000 public procurement professionals represents over 300 agencies throughout the State of Florida, including municipalities, counties, state, special districts and authorities, universities, colleges, school boards, public utilities, and sheriff offices. Our membership provides its own resource of knowledge, experience, and expertise regarding the ins and outs of public procurement and a huge source of information to our members. This site provides an avenue to tap that resource through FAPPO Connect, FAPPOListServ and through the use of the membership directory. 

FAPPO's Mission Statement: "To empower Florida public procurement professionals through communication, education, and networking opportunities. FAPPO embodies this mission through opportunities for its membership to participate in educational events such as the Annual Conference, Fall Workshop and webinars directed specifically to the public procurement industry as well as general professional development strategies and information.

FAPPO's Vision Statement: "To be the premier resource for knowledge and information on public procurement in Florida." FAPPO strives to realize this vision by enhancing its availability and opportunity for its members to learn, develop and network so that FAPPO is where members seek information and opportunities. 

FAPPO's Core Values:

  • Collaboration - working together for common goals
  • Professionalism - applying the highest standards to our profession
  • Passion - engaging with enthusiasm and excitement
  • Ethical - doing the right thing
  • Innovative - incorporating imagination and inventiveness in all we do
  • Relevant - staying connected with changing trends

To find out more about eligibility and process to become a member of FAPPO, please go to our Membership Information page and join today!

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