Honorary Membership Application

At the May 2001 Annual Conference our By-Laws were changed to abolish the “Retired Member” status, but at the same time add a new classification: “Honorary Member”. The By-Laws now state, as follows:

“Honorary membership is reserved for all members of the Association who have retired from the public procurement field, unless otherwise ineligible. Honorary membership must be approved by the Board of Directors and shall be “gratis”. Additional fees may be waived at the discretion of the Board of Directors.”

Additionally, the following section regarding ineligibility was added to the By-Laws:

Section 4: Ineligibility

Any Person employed in the private sector who sells, markets, or promotes services or commodities which may be procured by an Association member on behalf of a public entity is considered ineligible for membership in the Association.

It shall be the duty of the Association, through its Board of Directors, to apply the rules of eligibility, in a fair and impartial manner to the end that the membership shall consist of persons whose interest in the Association is the enhancement of their knowledge and skills in the public purchasing and materials management profession.

In order to manage the process in a fair and equitable manner, the Board of Directors has requested that anyone requesting Honorary membership complete and submit a Request for Consideration for Honorary Membership form for their consideration/approval.

If you wish to be considered for Honorary membership in Florida Association of Public Procurement Officials, Inc., complete the form in its entirety, and email it to Marian Pace, CPPO, CPPB via email or call 941-628-1592. You will be advised of the Board of Directors decision after their next scheduled meeting.