Award for Excellence in Public Procurement & Best Practice Award

The Excellence in Public Procurement and Best Practices Awards Program was established to recognize agencies that meet/exceed benchmarks and best practices in the Procurement Profession. Each year your Entity Awards Committee reviews the program and revises the application’s criteria to ensure that it reflects the current benchmarks and best practices; and encourages our members to keep improving within their organizations/agencies. In 2016, we presented 13 Entity Awards and 3 Best Practices Awards to the agencies listed below.  Our best practice award winners made a presentation to the full membership at the Florida Association of Public Procurement Officials, Inc. Spring Conference and shared their successes with their colleagues!   I encourage you to review the winning applications/best practice submittals and apply next year.  The 2017 application will span the period from January 1, 2016 with the end date to be February 16, 2017.


Keith K. Glatz, CPPO, FCPM, FCPA

 2017 Awards Applications  PDF Version | Word Version

 The application process for 2017 is now complete. All submittals must received by:  Keith K. Glatz, CPPO, Purchasing & Contracts Manager, City of Tamarac, 7525 NW 88th Avenue, Room 108, Tamarac, FL  33321-2401, Phone: (954) 597-3567, E-mail: no later than 5:00 P.M. on February 16, 2017.


2017 Florida Association of Public Procurement Officials, Inc. AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE IN PUBLIC PROCUREMENT and BEST PRACTICE AWARDS



Broward County BoCC Innovation in the Procurement Process  Innovation in Technology: Procurement Tracking System (ProcureTrack)

Valencia College Proccurement Department Contribution to the Advancement of Community, your Entity, or the Public Procurement Profession Automation of RFP Evaluation System

Seminole County Government Purchasing & Contracts Division Best Practice in Public Procurement for Cost Savings Receiving and Responding to Solicitation Questions on VendorLink